GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for environment

The FP-7 project GENESIS has made it its goal to develop innovative and efficient technical solutions for information flows in environmental and health care management. Based on case studies of air and water quality, nine pilot regions will have their existing systems of information collection and forwarding captured and merged. With the help of advanced information and communication technologies, collaborative information networks will be built with which acute health risks in the air and water can be better managed. Over 30 partners are working on this project under the direction of Thales Alenia Space, one of the worldwide leading enterprises in satellite technology. EUCC-D and the Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research are involved in the pilot study at Oderhaff.

Tasks of the EUCC-D: Cooperation on the regional Oder estuary case study regarding reduction of water quality as a result of the spread of nutrients, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants, organiyation of project meetings and workshops, integration in the regional information system IKYM-Oder, regular dissemination of project information in the Küsten Newsletter.

Duration: September 2008 through August 2011.

Funding Partner: European Commission (Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research)


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