HERRING - Joint cross-border actions for the sustainable management of a natural resource

HERRING aims to improve the sustainable management of the natural resource herring. The inclusion of coastal herring spawning and growth areas in an integrated coastal zone management system and fishery management is currently the main focus, as well as the implementation of the comprehensive monitoring required for this effort. The project goals also include improved transnational cooperation for herring stock management, commonly developed suggestions for sustainable management practices of the coastal ocean, especially spawning areas. Key stakeholders will be prepared by this project and its example of the herring to face future challenges and threats to coastal resources such as eutrophication and changing resource utilization pressure.

Using three case studies in the regions of the Greifswalder Bodden, Frisches Haff (PL) und Blekinge Archipelago (SE), regional and transbordere stakeholder networks will be established and the decision-making and negotiation compentencies  of the involved actors will be improved. Science and practice will be combined in a regional and transborder exchange of knowledge and experiences and embedded in new management approaches in order to evaluate existing and future risks and challenges to coastal habitats.

HERRING will be coordinated by EUCC-D, with partners consisting of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries (Rostock), the National Marine Fisheries Research Institute (Gdynia, Polen), and the World Maritime University (Malmö, Schweden), as well as eight associated Organisations from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden.

Tasks of the EUCC-Germany: Project coordination, communication and public relations work, support of the case study in the Greifswalder Bodden.

Duration: 2012 through 2014

Funding Partner: European Commission (South Baltic Programme)


The work for the Project "HERRING" hasbeen in progress since June 2012. Updates
will be regularly posted on this page.

Relevant Newsletters:


  • Presentation of the Projects at the ECSA Conference 2012 in Klaipeda, Lithuania (10/2012)
  • Kick-Off Meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania (10/2012)
  • Roundtable (09/2013), PM (German)
  • Transnational Workshop (03/2014), PM (German)
  • Back-to-Back Seminar (05/2014), PM1, PM2 (German)
  • Project Symposium, LITTORAL 2014 in Klaipeda, Litauen (09/2014), PM1, PM2 (German)
  • Meeting of South Baltic Biosphere Reserves (12/2014), PM (German)

Informational Material:

Articles / Publications

  • EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V.: Meer & Küste Deutsche Ostsee, Meer & Küste (4). EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock-Warnemünde, 2013, PDF (German), 07/2013
  • Article in "Fischerei & Fischmarkt in Mecklenburg Vorpommern", PDF (German), 12/2013
  • The Coastal Union (EUCC) / EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland (2014): Coastal & Marine 23 (1); Coastal Climate Change - Adaptive management of beaches and coastal waters. PDF 1/2014
  • Policy Briefs, PDF
  • Impact Report: Herring spawning areas - present and future challenges PDF
  • Governance Report: Herring network institutions and governance, PDF

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