EUCC-Germany distributes magazines for various target groups and ensures a wide distribution within Germany and around Europe. Readers receive comprehensive, current information and are offered the possibility of presenting their own project and research results to a wide audience.

EUCC-Germany distributes the following magazines:

Meer & Küste

With its magazine "Meer & Küste" (Sea & Coast), EUCC-D wants to pass on interesting information on the German Baltic Sea (Coast) and inform interested readers about the current situation, problems and developments but also propose possible solutions.


Coastline Reports

This series contains project results and conference reports with a focus on coastal management and coastal research. 


Coastline Web

This web journal publishes monographs on coastal and marine sciences, including bachelors, masters, and diploma theses, as well as current research results.


In addition, EUCC-D uses the publications of the Coastal and Marine Union in order to inform about its activities in Germany.

Coastal & Marine

This illustrated, quarterly magazine in English contains abridged reports of current developments in coastal and marine management and has international readership.



Journal of Coastal Conservation

It is an international peer-reviewed journal for fundamental and applied coastal and marine research.